AF Business

We advise and assist in the management of your event. With our experience we guarantee the correct use of the platform at all stages of the event so that you get the best results. It includes software, know how, technical personnel before, during and after the event.



We define together if the invitation to the event is sent via e-mail or if people have to make an online registry.


We call your audience through e-mail marketing, social networks or SMS campaigns.


At all times, specialized personnel will operate and advise on the use of the platform.

Access Control

Each participant has a unique entry QR code.

Control Panel

Through the online multiplatform Control Panel, you can see who saw your e-mail, who registered and who payed.


Hardware and technical personnel

The day of the event we will provide hardware and technical personnel, so the event runs smoothly.

Access control

The guests must present their invitation sent to their e-mail, from their cell phone, printed or access by their full name.


The AF Business service has add-ons that enhance the experience and interaction of the participants such as raffles, social walls or screens to welcome the assistants. Consult.


Data and participants

Once the event is finished, you will be able to access the data obtained from the event for future actions , through the control panel.

AF Business gathers all the elements you need to organize your event.

Personalized event web
Call to action
Send invitations
Sell tickets with national and international payment method
Personalized inscription forms
Participants follow up
Confirmation of assistance (RSVP)
Live control panel
Scheduled e-mail invitations
Control de acceso con QR
Control de acceso con NFC
Location assignment

Additional tools

Send invitations

Includes personalized design.

Send SMS

Personalized text for each participant.


Two sided color printing with logo printed ribbon

Pulseras identificatorias

Distintos materiales y colores.

Pantalla de Bienvenida

Incluye software y diseño personalizado.

Social wall

Display interactivo de publicaciones con # del evento.

Share your data

To access to participant data.


Impresión de cupones personalizados.


Answer games through tablets.

Interactive survey

Sent once the event is finished.


Staff to support the event.

Have an idea?

We develop customized solutions.



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